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AAS: Projects
Projects: Kaiser Sand Canyon

Kaiser Permanente: Kaiser Sand Canyon

Project: Kaiser – Sand Canyon Hospital (HOS)
Kaiser – Sand Canyon Hospital Support Building (HSB)
Kaiser – Sand Canyon Central Utility Plant (CUP)
Irvine, California

Install an Andover Continuum controls energy management system into three projects.

(HOS) The Kaiser Sand Canyon Hospital is a new 325,000 square foot facility. The project includes a 6-story patient tower and a 3-story D&T building with a basement.

(HSB) This 4-story 90,000 square foot medical office building is the initial project for what will become a major medical hospital campus for Kaiser Permanente in Irvine. The facility includes 4 operating rooms and associated medical-surgery support areas, medical office suites, radiology and cystology procedure areas, central sterile and pharmacy. The unique architecture and functional requirements of the building presented interesting challenges for integrating mechanical systems.

(CUP) The Central Utility Plant consists of a 2,400 ton cooling plant with 1000 MBH of reheat capacity, and 13,200 MBH of steam capacity.


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